Sunday, November 13, 2016

Visiting Uncle Ronald and The Farm

My Uncle Ronald Eppert is my father's younger brother, and is probably one of the best men I have ever known. He is the embodiment of all that a godly man should be. He is a great blessing in our lives. 
When I was a tiny girl, maybe 2 or 3 yrs. old, I remember my teenage uncle giving me "horsey rides" on his back in the living room. Of course, he was actually taking a well deserved break from all of his farm chores to watch a Sunday football game or something, but when we would see him lying on his stomach on the living room floor we just had to jump on his back and he always obliged us with a wild, bucking bronco ride. When we grew older he would let us go for rides on his horses, Pixie and Dixie, or sit on the fender of a tractor while he worked in the fields or yell at us to "Get out of the beans", when he found us playing in the wagons. He has been a farmer from the time he could walk, helping his mom and dad bring in crops, feed animals and butcher them, and then, when he was in his early 20's, with the help and support of his sweetheart and wife Peggy, expanding the self-sustaining farm into a full time business. He has always been there for us to buoy us up and comfort us, even when he was the one hurting most of all. How could I not want my grandchildren to meet and know this great man.

Uncle Ronald and Cindy Sue - June 14, 2016

When we first drove up to the house I didn't think anyone was home. Their home is a little piece of "Hoosier Heaven" for me.

Well, we found him. He was out in the barn working on one of the tractors.
Gideon, Parker and Uncle Ronald ~ June 14, 2016

Gideon and Parker were impressed with the size of the work tractor, but they really liked the antique tractors that Uncle Ronald Collects and restores.

When Uncle Ronald told them to "Climb on up and try it out" the sat on every tractor in the barn.

After giving uncle Ron their approval of the antique tractors, we piled into the 4-Wheeled buggy and drove over to the other barn at Randy and Sheryl's home to see some really big equipment.

I remember clearly climbing up on the big Green combine when they first got it in the early 60's. Gideon and Parker did the same thing on this combine.

Parker's pose among the farm equipment and Gideon being cool.

The highlight of the farm visit was getting to pet and feed the miniature Mediterranean Donkeys.

The legend is that these donkeys are descendants of the donkey that Christ rode on his triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

There is a dark stripe down the back and one across the withers which form a cross.

The Donkey's aren't fooled. They know the had that feeds them. 

It was such a fun visit with a favorite uncle. I can't wait to return.

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