Friday, June 16, 2017

April Road Trip

I left at the very end of March to go to Utah to help Hillary and visit Cali and Jesse Kay and their families. 
The first stop on my journey was in Burkburnett, Texas to visit the Shawvers. My sister Sandy, her husband David and daughter Charlotte. I was lucky to be there for Charlotte's first Prom. She looked so adorable!

I was there for Saturday and Sunday and we had a great time!

I left Texas early Monday morning and drove on to Utah. This was early Tuesday morning as I crossed into Utah from Colorado.

When I got to Hillary's I could understand why the Dr. told her "no weight on your foot whatsoever for 2 months". There is a screw going directly down her second toe, a metal plate in the top of her foot and a metal insert in her ankle. OUCH!

The boys were very happy to see "Grandma Cinny" and loved the little recliner Aunt Sandy and Cousin Charlotte sent to them.


Little Ezra was crawling and quite mobile. I lost him one day. I knew he was in the house, but couldn't locate him. I went outside to check on the big boys and when I turned around this is what I saw. 

He probably would have made it all the way outside if I hadn't stopped him.

We took the kids to the library and playground, mostly to get Hillary out of the house. It was beautiful weather and we enjoyed every minute of it! 

More fun from Utah coming in my next post!

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