Saturday, June 24, 2017

Let's go for a Run -

Saturday May 13, 2017
After a 6 year hiatus, Darryl has started running again. We entered our first race together and ran in the Gumtree 10k and 2k run on Saturday May 13th, here in Tupelo. We ran the 2k and it was the perfect distance for beginners.

Saturday - May 20, 2017
The following weekend found us in Indiana for a Surviving the Color 5k "color run" and to go to the Redhead Express - Graybeard concert in Terre Haute and a "mini" family reunion on Sunday.
We drove up on Friday the 19th and spent the night with Patty and Chuck. Saturday morning Patty, Darryl and I made our way to Meadow Center for the 5k run around Deming Park.
Me, Darryl and Patty waiting for the start of the run. 
 Cathy Shields is the one who encouraged us to run course. It was nice to catch up with her!
Me, Darryl and Cathy Shields.

Darryl said these were the guys that would be there to pick him up when he collapsed.
 The weather was calling for rain at 10:00 a.m., but since the race was supposed to start at 9:00 a.m. we figured we would have time to finish the race before the storm moved in. No such luck! Due to planning problems the race started 40 minutes late. Just as the race started we felt the first drops of rain. It began as a light shower, but when I hit the two mile mark the rain poured down and lighting was striking right next to us in the trees. I waited out the rain and because of the wet roads made my way very carefully and slowly to the finish line where I found Darryl and Patty. 
I took refuge in a picnic shelter for 10 minutes during the worst of the storm.
I had no idea where Patty was, but I figured Darryl was probably finished by this time.
Darryl finished in 29:15, just before the downpour started, and was the first person over 40 across the finish line. I finished in 40:49. Patty didn't tell me what her time was.
Very wet and colorful runners!
It was a fun time and I was so happy Patty went with us. When I finished this race I decided it would be my last "Run". I have been reading up on how Total Hip Replacement parts wear out faster if you run, so I have decided from here on our I will walk our races. It's probably the smart thing to do since I implants in both hips.

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