Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mississippi - 3rd Time's a Charm!

Darryl and I have been to Mississippi 2 times before to work for Dome Technology. Our new assignment took us to Tupelo the last week in March. Our first job was in the beautiful old town of Columbus, home of our Nation's Memorial Day Celebrations, and the second time was in Meridian. We had some issues in Meridian with crime and I was worried about being back in the Magnolia state, but I must say, I love Tupelo! The city is lovely and clean and there are churches everywhere, Big mega- churches of all denominations, and small churches in the neighborhoods!

Vista Ridge Apartments

It took about 4 hours to unpack the trailer and get our little house set up.  It's a nice 2 bedroom unit. 

We also have very dear friends in the area.
Our old Bishop and his wife from Texas...

And their beautiful daughter Michelle and her family. It is hard for me to fathom that she is the mother of 4 and has already had 2 serve missions. She was my accompanist for years starting when she was just 10 years old. What a blessing to reconnect with them again!

Tupelo is beautiful and safe and the people here are some of the nicest we've met anywhere! There is also a lot to see and do. We regularly hike the trails of the Natchez Trace. 

This is a trail by the Chickasaw village.

Darryl has taken up running again and loves to train on these trails. With all of the festivals and 5k runs coming up, it will be a fun summer. You should come and visit. 

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