Saturday, June 24, 2017

Redheads, Graybeards and Dad's Bell

Saturday - May 20, 2017

After we cleaned up from the Color Run, Darryl and I went to the Indiana Theater in Terre Haute to meet up with Cody, Alisa, Rachel and the Redhead Express, Walker Boys and Family. They were in town for the 3rd Annual Benefit Concert with Graybeard the Band for the 14th and Chestnut Community Center. 
While Darryl helped the guys unload and set up the stage, I took Rachel and Alisa back to Patty's house so I could give Rachel a bath and Alisa could get ready in the air conditioning. I met my school friends, Karen Bennet Raubuck and Debbie Fortune Haskett for dinner at a nearby restaurant, then ran into so many dear friends at the concert. Jim and Linda Garber and Cathy Shields, Gene Gilbreath and his wife Jessie, and this handsome fellow, Chad Chalos. He went to high School with Cali, Shiloh and Cami. It was good to meet his wife and beautiful children.
With Chad Chalos!
The best was being with my brother and sisters. Yes, the 5 Eppert siblings were together again. What a wonderful time we had! 
From L-R: Patty, Kevin, Michelle, Alisa, Rachel, Cody, John, Nancy, Cindy, Darryl and Sandy
Sunday we went to church with Patty and Michelle, then back to Patty and Chuck's house to watch old family 8mm movies that John had transferred to digital. So many wonderful memories came flooding back, and to see movies of Mom and Dad when they were dating and engaged thrilled me. It was like I was a kid again as I watched birthday parties, family gatherings and camping trips. It's the way I remember my childhood and those happy feelings were priceless! I saw moving pictures of my Great-Grandmother Eppert, Great-Grandpap Paul and Grandpa Eddy. All who died before I was born. What a treasure to see these movies. 
Thank you so much John. 

One more happy event for our family. When my father retired from the Seelyville Volunteer Fire Department after 41 years, about 19 of which he served as Fire Chief, the Fire Department gifted him with the Bell from the front of the LaFrance Fire Engine that was purchased at the same time he joined the department. 
Grandpa Doc's Fire Engine Bell

The side plaques have the names of all the current firefighters from SVFD in 1997
After Dad Passed away the Bell was given to Michelle. She gifted it to the two current firemen in our family, Patty and Chuck's sons, Clint and Cole Wiley.
Michelle presents the bell to Clint and Cole.
Clint and Cole Wiley and Grandpa Doc's Bell.
We are so proud of these young men and the work they do to serve others.

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