Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Easter 2017 - I Love Easter!

I love Easter! 
The advent of spring and warm weather are part of it, but mostly I love the true meaning of this blessed holiday, remembering what this Holiday is all about. Coming to a better understanding of the atonement and resurrection of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To realize how much he loves us,.. loves me.

Easter is a combination of many feelings in our family. Deep love and respect for our Savior, hurt and anguish over the pain our sins and disobedience caused Him and profound joy and gratitude and that can never be repaid for the ultimate sacrifice He made to save each of us. 
It can be tricky teaching these all important things to our children amid the Easter Baskets, egg hunts, and new clothes that could overpower the true message of Easter. I am proud of my children in this regard. I see them keep up our family traditions as they teach the truths of the Gospel and this Holy Holiday to their children. 
This Easter Darryl was in Tupelo, MS (Thank you to Kaylee and Darin Stibal for fixing him an Easter Basket and having him over for Easter dinner), while I was in Utah with Hillary, Jake and their boys.
Saturday Morning we took the boys to the City Easter Egg Hunt! Wow!!!! This was a fun and grand affair.

Easter morning dawned with a chilly snow cover over the grass and flowers, but it quickly melted.

Here is a little photographic glimpse into our Easter Sunday.

"What do you mean, that chocolate bunny wasn't really my breakfast?"

"Of course it was my breakfast...."

"..and it was delicious!"

Hillary and I came home after the first hour of church. I put Zman down for a nap and came down to find my exhausted daughter catching some much needed zzzzs.

When Jake and the big boys got home we took the opportunity to get some Easter Photos.

Uhmm.... I just wanted one photo of me and the boys. J.J. had a different idea.

Daddy to the rescue!

Throughout the day the kids sent me photos of their Easter mornings!
Cali's children, Parker and Gideon

Jesse's kids, Clancy and Tyree

Cody, Alisa and little Rachel

Skye's little girls Annabelle and Reagan

Cami and Jacob visited Grandma Peggy on Easter with their 5 children 
L-R Isabelle, Lily, Ransom, Gage and Marshall Doc.

Here are Shiloh's stair steps - 2nd youngest to oldest L-R 
Micah, Maggie, Adam, Lydia, Preston, Adrianna, Jonas holding baby Benny, and Emily.

And Shiloh, Jason and family with Grandma Peggy.
Shiloh and Cami kept up an occasional family Easter tradition by making their Easter dresses, and Shiloh even made vests and ties for her boys.
Happy Easter! 

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