Monday, June 19, 2017

The Busy Month of May

May 1st - 15th
I had barely been home from Idaho a week when I had to leave again. Darryl's Mom, Peggy, fell at home and shattered her left hip. Cindy Marie kept us updated, and once she was released from the hospital and sent to a rehabilitation center, I went to North Carolina for a week to visit Mom and help Cindy Marie out caring for her.
She was in pain, but as always, she was in good spirits and doing all she could to be able to go back home. 

Cami, Gage and Little Miss Izzy came up to see Grandma and give her some loves.
Due to her congestive heart failure and poor circulation, Mom's hands are cold, so she wears gloves a lot of the time. 
Kisses for Grandma!

The Rehab center does a lot to keep their patients entertained. They celebrated Cinco de Mayo with cake and Ice cream.

Matt was there to join in the fun with Grandma!

While I was in North Carolina, I took a couple of days to visit the kids and Grand-kids. I grabbed Lydia, Lily and Maggie and we went on a quick road trip.

Reagan was performing in the Ballet "The Little Mermaid" in Virginia and we wanted to see it!

We weren't allowed to take any photos during the performance buy you can see how cute she was as she struck poses for us after the show.

Reagan and her class were the Clown Fish in the dance. 

I loved the creativity in the costumes.

What a great use of an Orange Sweatshirt.

I made it back to Tupelo for Mother's day. Cali sent me a wonderful tower of fruit and treats.

Darryl bought me a cute little red purse that goes perfectly with .....

...the new dress I made. I have wanted a nice cotton dress for years and finally found a cute calico fabric that was perfect.
It was a 2 weeks, and a lot of fun!

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