Sunday, June 18, 2017

Idaho Cheer, Dancing and Surgery ~

April 17, 2017
I left Utah this morning and went to Idaho to stay with Cali for a few days. She was scheduled to have her gall-bladder removed on Wednesday the 19th and I wanted to help her out with here kids. Monday evening we went to Parker's final Cheer performance. There are probably over 100 kids in her cheer club.

Parker got a certificate and a flower from her coaches.

 Cali's surgery went well. I asked the Dr. to take some pictures for me and he did. He said she had some huge gall stones, no wonder she was sick. (I am also one of the few mothers who has ever asked him for pictures of a surgery.) 

Saturday was Tyree's Dance competition in Blackfoot. She is in blue and is such a good little dancer.

Her group received a trophy and we were very proud of her!

Parker had fun watching Tyree's dances. When it was over they decided to strike a pose for me.

While I was in Idaho I checked up on the progress of the remodeling project.

I left Idaho on the 24th to come back to Mississippi and home to Darryl. 
           On my way into town I was greeted by this fun sight. I love the dog's helmet and goggles. I                                                 never know what I am going to see on my travels! 

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